The Falcon

Composed entirely of parts from disassembled antique and analog cameras, The Falcon follows Howell the Owl (f/256) and Professor Weston (ISO 50) as they journey throughout the Focal Kingdom searching for dinner. The movie features music from ESL artist Thunderball with sound design by Bret Johnson and directed by Scot Hampton. From A.gfa to Z.eiss, and whatever your (small, medium or large) format, The Falcon has a perspective for everyone.


The Falcon takes place during the Age of Argus (5096.0 frames/per stop), from whence our hero, Professor Weston (ISO 50/18°) and his companion, Howell the Owl (f/256), journey throughout the Focal Kingdom, searching for a decent suppertime meal. Meanwhile, at home on the Nikonian Range, our villain, Silly Patty (-2/+2 EV), whose own inner struggle between over and under exposure sheds light on an even wider Depth of Field, is preoccupied with the pursuit of the Forbidden f/stop.

Before long, the wind winds its way through the Focal distance to the Prismatic Pyramids of Polaroid, and we witness a classic struggle over the Proper Aspect Ratio between Professor Weston (push +1 stop) and Silly Patty (-2/+2 EV), provoking a storm of thunderous CumuloKodak Clouds that relentlessly unleash sheets of Rolleiflexing Rain, until R. Control is restored. After the clouds part, the odyssey continues to the Hasselblad Hills, where the sun sets, the Leica Lakes (APO) spill down through Canon Canyons, the Mamiya (some say Minolta) in the Moon, begins its nightly climb around the horizon, and Howell and the rest continue their quest.

Tilt-shift down and adjust the perspective to the shimmering light that’s fading in the Olympus Ocean, where, among a few interlopers, you can catch a rare analog glimpse of the Foctopi (88888mm). But as light dims even darker in the viewfinder of day, the sprockets of life must complete their daily cycle, and we witness the light of sustenance as it’s captured by the creatures in the Focal Kingdom, and by the instant-peel color iris film of our ocular sockets, before we finally reach the end of the roll.

Starring Professor Weston (ISO 50), Silly Patty (-2/+2 EV) and Howell the Owl (f/256) with a special appearance by The Aperturians and Howell’s wife Bell.


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